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Mollie Adams Diary of her Journey in the Canadian Rockies, August 9, 1908

Henry House Camp.

Sunday, Aug. 9.

Waked up to hear thunder and rain on the tent – small and vary local showers.M. and I presently rose up in our bags and sat looking at each other.We thought we heard a voice!It sounded like a man calling from a distance, with his voice pitched high to make it carry far.We heard it three times, and not hearing anyone come running out from the other tent, M. put on her (my) shoes and crawled out under the bug net with the field glasses.Presently I heard her call to W. and ask him if he heard someone shouting – and a scornful voice “naw – it’s only a coyote.”So we tried to go to sleep again, feeling rather small, but it did not sound like the coyotes I heard in New Mexico, and M. had never heard one before.After breakfast W. and U. went off on a chopping bout up to the canyon and M. and I got busy in the kitchen where we are not allowed on pain of death when the professor is there.We made a bannock first; could not remember how much flour to start with, an…

Mollie Adams Diary of her Journey in the Canadian Rockies July 27, 1908

Castillea Camp.

Monday, July 27.
Off at 9.30.We knew the trail would probably be bad, so thought it might take 5 hrs., being about 7 or 8 miles.But it was 7 P.M. when we made camp.The trail was a sweet mixture of fallen burnt timber, muskeg, and no trail at all.It took the three of them half an hour to cut through about 100 yds. at one place.It looked as if it might not have been used since Coleman went over it in 1893.We struck the shores of the `beautiful Su-Wapta`at 6.15 P.M. We were in a patch of green timber, but no feed visible in any direction except across the rushing, muddy river. U tried to cross, but his horse could not go 5 yds in without swimming. So he prospected up the river and W down, and after three quarters of an hour`s wait, decided to camp right there, and drive the horses down to a place where there was a chance for them to get a snack that night. There had been showers sweeping up across the Su-Wapta all day, but luckily they did not reach us to add to our trouble…